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International hiring expert of French speaking tutors, Belle Époque Conseil is your French education consultant.

French At Home
Find Your Private French speaking Tutor with Belle Époque Conseil

The private tutor is a young native French speaker, who is highly educated and wishes to share his knowledge. They will be a guest in your family, there to teach French and enhance your children’s education ; they will provide French culture in your home. This tutor will be the guest that makes all the difference in your home life. 

About Us

Belle Époque Conseil is an education consulting firm, expert in hiring of French speaking private tutors abroad. Director of Belle Epoque Conseil, Pierre-Antoine SIMON graduated in Law and Politics from Lyon 3 University in France. Inspired by his experiences of teaching French in the Middle East, Pierre-Antoine SIMON created Belle Époque Conseil with the realization that new educational needs are an opportunity for better intercultural communication and understanding. Belle Époque Conseil is his second entrepreneurial project.

Pierre-Antoine SIMON 

Our Values

Our educational vocation is driven by strong values: excellence, curiosity, and confidence. We see learning French as a daily experience of interacting with and getting to know our culture. Thirst for discovery and high standards are the keys to progress. This is why we commit to connecting you with the most passionate and reliable tutors.

Our Method

Our procedures are structured according to three principles: listening, tailored to you, and support. The prerequisite for our recruitment is the finest knowledge of your family, your lifestyle and your aspirations. Then, we find the best fitting tutor that corresponds to your educational project, while thoroughly confirming their abilities and integrity.

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